Ang Astiging Boy Ipis

ANG ASTIGING BOY IPIS is an independent comic book published by Sacred Mountain Publications. Its maiden issue was released on August 8, 2009 at the 1st Metro Comic Con 2009. It is written by Paul Michael Ignacio, with art chores by Gilbert Monsanto (Rambol, Tropa, Bayan Knights), Redge Vicente (Ang Pagbangon Mula sa Abo: Prelude to Mananabas), and Aaron Felizmenio (Ang Huling Baraha: Alas, Gwapoman 2000).

It features the highly-anticipated solo adventures of Pinoy superhero, Boy Ipis. When a kidnapping syndicate decided to rear its ugly head, terrorizing malls around the metro, It’s now up to Mike, secretly the “Astiging” Boy Ipis, to bring the criminals to justice, save the day and at the same time, find a new girlfriend. Also featured in the comic book is the phenomenal Phantom Cat.

Bayan Knights

Bayan Knights

BAYAN KNIGHTS is a comic book created by a team of Filipino artists and writers and published by Sacred Mountain Publications. It features various original characters created by the team. Its maiden issue came out on November 22, 2008 at the Fourth Filipino Komiks Convention (Komikon 2008).

BAYAN KNIGHTS is considered a benchmark in Philippine komiks history as the first title to feature the characters of individual creators while retaining the individual rights to them. An article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday edition printed on November 26, 2008 was the first to provide media recognition to the project. A second major article was published months after the comics’ debut and was reviewed in the February 2009 issue of FHM Philippines.

Bayan Knights

Rambol Komiks

RAMBOL KOMIKS is the second comicbook released by Sacred Mountain Publications. Its maiden issue came out on October 21, 2006 at the 2nd Filipino Komiks Convention (Komikon 2006).

Published in a flipbook format, it features “Alagad Inc.” and “Metropolitan”. The story of Alagad Inc. is about some supernatural beings, most probably ancient dieties of some sort, coming down from their domain to send a challenge to Earth’s mightiest champions. A group called Alagad Inc. re-recruits some of its best agents to help in this time of crisis. “Metropolitan”, on the other hand, brings back Gilbert Monsanto’s old characters from his 1990s stint in Infinity Publishing, Sonic Triangle Publishing, GASI, etc. Drawn by Monsanto himself, it features quite a lot of fight sequences. There’s also some hint that the Biotrog character featured in this book may not be the same Biotrog from before.


TROPA is the first comicbook published by Sacred Mountain Publications. Its maiden issue was launched on October 21, 2006 at the 2nd Filipino Komiks Convention (Komikon 2006). This comicbook stars a group of highschool friends imbued with different abilities via different circumstances. It was drawn by different artists like Gilbert Monsanto, Luisito G. Antonio, Jim Jimenez and others. Each artist draws each of the main character’s origin story.