2001 Hiligaynon

HILIGAYNON is a weekly Ilonggo magazine first published by Ramon Roces, Inc. Its maiden issue was named “ANG BISAYA SA HILIGAYNON” and was dated August 3, 1934, under Abe S. Gonzales as its Managing Editor. The first Ilongga whose beauty becomes the first cover of the magazine was Remedios Martin. In 1965, the Hiligaynon together with the other vernacular magazines – Bannawag, Bisaya and Liwayway were sold to Liwayway Publishing, Inc. and later on repurchased by the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation.

List of Serials

  • Ang Pinasulabi (1973) w: Mars Ravelo, a; Romy Santos
  • Angelito (1973) w: Mars Ravelo, a: Delfin P. Barras
  • Dahlia (1973) w: Pablo S. Gomez, a: Alex Nino
  • Sa Tapak Sang Diyos, Isa Ka sa Apostol (1973) w: Restituto Urbano, a: Ernesto B. Patricio


2001 Bannawag

BANNAWAG is a leading weekly Iloko magazine published in the Philippines since 1937. It was established by Ramon Roces, and published by his own publication, Ramon Roces, Inc. until 1965. Its publication was continued by Liwayway Publishing, Inc. and later by Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. It contains Iloko serialized novels, short stories, poetry, serialized comics, essays, news features, entertainment news and articles, and many others.

Bannawag magazine has been acknowledged as one foundation of the existence of contemporary Iloko literature. It is through the Bannawag that every Ilokano writer has proved his mettle by publishing his first iloko short story, poetry, or essay, and thereafter his succeeding works, in its pages. The magazine is also instrumental in the establishment of GUMIL, Filipinas, the umbrella organization of Ilokano writers in the Philippines and in other countries.



2001 Bisaya

BISAYA is a weekly Cebuano magazine now published by Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. It has the record of being the oldest magazine in Cebuano, which is still in circulation now, and “the most successful periodical in Cebuano” (CCP, p.542).

BISAYA was established by Ramon Roces upon the request of Cebuano poet Vicente Padriga, who became its first editor. Its maiden issue appeared on August 15, 1930, as part of the magazines published by Ramon Roces, Inc. During the Second World War, Bisaya stopped publication but it was revived on August 14, 1946. It had an initial circulation of 5,000 copies, which rose to around 60,000 copies in the 1960s.

In June, 1948, Bisaya started a monthly sister publication, Saloma, a literary pamphlet which carried a complete novel in every issue. Saloma lasted until the late 1950s, with a circulation ranging from 8,000 to 22,000.

In 1965, the publication of Bisaya together with the other vernacular magazines – Bannawag, Liwayway and Hiligaynon, were assumed by Liwayway Publishing, Inc.

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ALIWAN (literary translated in Tagalog for: something that enthrals) is a romance and adventure type of magazine/digest, much akin to the pulp magazines/digests that were popular in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. (They were called “pulps” because the paper they were printed on were of lower quality compared to the type used on books at the time.) This publication was printed in black and white, with colored painted covers. The full-length novels, novelettes and short stories also included story illustrations as well as short comic stories at the end of each issue. In its earlier run, the stories published in Aliwan were primarily Romance Stories. Later on, Adventure and Crime Stories were also included mimicking the trend in the United States.

Aliwan came out 52 times a year and ran from 1945 to the early 1960s, when it was overtaken by the new trend towards comic books popularly known as Komiks. ALIWAN was published by Ramon Roces, Inc., which was part of the publishing family that printed the Manila Times broadsheet, and later on would go on to spearhead the popularization of comic books through the now defunct Ace Publications, Inc., one of the first and largest comic books publishing companies in the Philippines during its day.

List of Serials

  • Ang Buhay nga Naman (1946-1948) w: a: Lib Abrena
  • Doktor Futuro (1961) w: Tiburcio Baguio; a: Angel Trinidad, Jr.
  • Duke De Borgona (1959) w: Nemesio E. Caravana; a: Angel Trinidad, Jr.
  • Halimaw ng Maynila (1959) w: Adriano P. Laudico / Benjamin Pascual; a: Jesus F. Ramos
  • Isang Kopang Dugo (1961) w: Nemesio E. Caravana; a: Angel Trinidad, Jr.
  • Kasal-Kasalanan (1961) w: Benjamin Pascual; a: Francisco Bernardino
  • Kasaysayan ni Paraluman (1959) w: Amado C. Yasona; a: Vir S. Mariano
  • Mandirigma (1961) w: Juan Quimba; a: Jesus F. Ramos
  • Mga Milagro ng Birhen (1958-1959) w: Jose Quirino / Benjamin Pascual; a: Jesus Ramos
  • Nag-aalab na Poot (1961) w: a: Eufrenio R. Cruz
  • Pamana (1961) w: David Campano; a: Francisco Bernardino
  • Ponyang (1946-1948) w: a: Tony Velasquez