Komiks Guild of the Philippines, Inc.


KOMIKS GUILD OF THE PHILIPPINES (KGP) is the training, outreach and publishing arm of virtual Pinoy Komiks Group: KOMIKS PA RIN and the official formal organization responsible for its annual Komiks Congress (TM) and the Pinoy Komiks Icon Awards (TM) as well as its trademark learning events advocating komiks as a cultural learning tool for Global Filipinos.

KGP makes itself available for educational institutions as well as National Government Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, People’s Organizations as well as other public and private enterprises for collaborations on Information/Education/Communications/Advocacy (IECA) as well as resource mobilization and authentic stakeholder engagements.

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Ramon Roces, Inc.

RAMON ROCES, INC. is a part of the publishing family that printed the Manila Times broadsheet, which later on spearheaded the popularization of comic books through Ace Publications, Inc.

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