Sa Ibabaw ng Aking Bangkay

Sa Ibabaw ng Aking Bangkay

Written by Francisco V. Coching
Illustrated by Federico Javinal
Liwayway, 1960

Bando, an uncouth man in many ways, is the caretaker of Don Favio’s hacienda. He always clashes with the beautiful Viola, daughter of Don Favio by his first marriage. Viola criticizes the way Bando treats the tenants of the hacienda and attempts to change his rude ways, which results in their constant bickering. Later, however, Bando discovers that Viola’s actions are merely a mask to hide her feelings for him. He also realizes that the reason he cannot tolerate her criticism is because he has feelings for her as well. Their quarrels bloom into great love, which later turns into bitter hatred. It begins when Bando becomes jealous of Dr. Vidal, son of Doña Torina by her first marriage, whose friendliness and mild manner wins the admiration of Viola and the rest of the tenants. Later, Dr. Vidal gets killed and Bando is blamed for his death. He escapes, and Viola, an expert markswoman, arms herself with a rifle and seeks him in his mountain refuge. Seeing Bando, she engages him in a deadly gun duel which becomes the end of their story.