Written by Mars Ravelo
Illustrated by Elpidio E. Torres
Pilipino Komiks, 1952-1953

The story of Dyesebel begins when an amnesiac mermaid-turned-human named Lucia fell in love with a human. They got married and had a beautiful baby, but instead of human baby she delivered a mermaid. The child is called “Dyesebel”.  Although surprised by their daughter’s strange form, Lucia and her husband Tino promise to love their child no matter what. But in no time at all, their neighbors discovered the couple’s secret. When the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, the town believes that the anomaly is caused by Dyesebel; an accusation that leads to Tino’s death and Lucia to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would belong.

Unknown to Lucia is that in the heart of the sea, Dyesebel’s adventures and misfortunes will begin. It is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life-a journey that would take her to the depths of the sea, as well as to chaos of the city. Dyesebel discovers that she can also be a human being by visiting Amafura to get a secret necklace which makes her a human; but a price must be made, for her to sacrifice her true possession, in order to gain something special.

Movie Adaptations
Stars Edna Luna (Dyesebel), Jaime de la Rosa (Fredo), Carol Varga, Fernando Royo, Etang Discher
Directed by Gerardo de Leon
Manuel Vistan/Premiere Productions, 1953

Stars Vilma Santos (Dyesebel), Romeo Miranda (Fredo), Divina Valencia, Mina Aragon, Rosanna Marquez, Ike Lozada, German Moreno, Cristina Reyes, Eva Lenda, Janette Clemente, Mildred Ortega, Desiree Destreza, Chanda Romero, Joseph Sytangco, Geena Zablan
Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza
Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, 1973

Stars Alma Moreno (Dyesebel), Mat Ranillo III (Edward/Fredo), Gloria Sevilla, Nova Villa, German Moreno, Bella Flores
Directed by F.C. Gargantilla
Sampaguita Pictures, 1978

Stars Alice Dixson (Dyesebel), Richard Gomez (Edward/Fredo), Nadia Montenegro, Dennis Roldan, Perla Bautista, Carmina Villaroel, Robert Ortega, Lawrence Pineda, Mario Escudero, Malou de Guzman, Vangie Labalan, Flora Gasser, Judy Ann Santos, Harvey Vizcarra, Chat Silayan
Directed by Mel Chionglo
Regal Films, 1990

Stars Charlene Gonzales (Dyesebel), Matthew Mendoza (Fredo), Jacklyn Jose, Gary Estrada, Julio Diaz, Gloria Diaz, Albert Martinez, Maritoni Fernandez, Kristine Garcia, Dindo Gallardo, Charina Scott, Marita Zobel, Mia Pratts, Susan Lozada, Glydel Mercado
Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza
Viva Films, 1996

TV Adaptation
Stars Marian Rivera (Dyesebel), Dingdong Dantes (Fredo Legaspi), Jean Garcia, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Alfred Vargas, Michelle Madrigal, Bianca King, Mylene Dizon, Lotlot de Leon, Paolo Ballesteros, Chanda Romero, Robert Villar, Nanette Inventor, Ricky Davao, Andrea del Rosario
Directed by Joyce E. Bernal and Don Michael Perez
GMA-7, 2008