PALOS is a popular komiks character created by brothers Virgilio Redondo and Nestor Redondo. Palos first appeared in Tagalog Klasiks in 1961 via komiks serial titled Alyas Palos.

Palos took his name from the tagalog name of eel, implying that he was slippery and hard to catch. Palos is a kind of hero who helps the poor through his skills as a thief. He often victimizes fellow thieves and gangster syndicates. He hides his identity during daytime, where he lives as a normal person, and becomes a thief in the night.


Movie and TV Adaptations

In the 1960s, the novel was adapted into the silver screen with an upcoming star Bernard Bonnin in the lead role. Alyas Palos made Bernard Bonnin a household name and defined Bonnin’s showbiz career. Several adaptations followed with Bonnin being the only actor to have portrayed the role. These movies include Alyas Palos (1961), Palos Kontra Gagamba (1963), Palos: Counterspy (1966), Palos Strikes Again! (1966) and Alyas Palos II (1982). In 2008, Palos was adapted into television series by ABS-CBN as part of the network’s Primetime Bida line-up.