Combatron Combatron Chapter II

Written and illustrated by Berlin Manalaysay
Pilipino Funny Komiks, 1992-1998

Empoy is an orphan boy who witnessed a spaceship crash while visiting his parent’s graves. When he approached the crash site, he saw the spaceship opened up. Inside was someone wearing what later became identified as Combatron’s armour. The crash victim told Empoy his story, explaining that he came from a distant planet called Omnicron, where he and and several others like him (cyborgs apparently) were being chased after by the governing cyborgs as outlaws. He told Empoy that his enemies were soon going to follow him to Earth. Knowing he was dying, he passed his special armour on to Empoy, and entrusted the boy with the burden of being COMBATRON, along with the services of a robot dog named Askal.

COMBATRON is armed with powered armour equipped with a variety of personalised weapons, including Combatron Foot Blades, Combatron Hip Discs, Teleported Punch, Omega Laser, Space Thunder, Nuclear Eye Beams, Galactic Space Sword and later Galactic Phoenix.