Lord, Give Me a Lover!

Lord, Give Me a Lover!

Written by Elena M. Patron
Illustrated by Ernie H. Santiago
Kislap Magasin, 1975

LORD, GIVE ME A LOVER! tells the story of Maura, a kind, beautiful and decent woman who despite her advanced age, has not had a single lover. Years pass and it seems that Maura’s chances of finding and marrying her true love is fading like an old photograph. After all, who in their right mind would want to marry somebody who has parents with mental illness? But then, like a knight in shining armor, here comes Fidel, a kind, responsible young man, who is seemingly ready to risk all for Maura, despite her burdens. Will Fidel be the answer to all of Maura’s prayers?

Movie Adaptation
Stars George Estregan, Eddie Garcia, Perla Bautista, Roberto Talabis, Charina Alonzo and Daria Ramirez
Directed by Arsenio Bautista
Crown Seven Film Productions, 1976