Anak ni Zuma

Anak ni Zuma

Written by Jim M. Fernandez
Illustrated by Ben S. Maniclang
Aliwan Komiks, 1976-1984

ANAK NI ZUMA is one of the longest running series in Philippine Komiks. The main characters are Zuma (the monster snake-man), Galema (the kind-hearted daughter of Zuma), Dino (Zuma’s son that has the body of a man and a head of a snake), Morgan (the husband of Galema), and Philip and Isabel (the adoptive parents of Galema). ANAK NI ZUMA was voted by komiks readers as the most popular Philippine komiks serial of the decade seventies and eighties.

Executive Summary —
Zuma bore a freak son from a mortal woman: the child has the body of a normal boy but the head of a snake. The boy was named Dino. Dino grew up with incredible strength. Zuma utilized him to strike terror among the townspeople. Galema (the kindhearted daughter of Zuma) and her twin sibling (an albino snake), helped the townspeople to capture Dino. Dino was placed in a steel cage. Galema tried to win over Dino to help her fight Zuma, but before she could do so, Zuma killed Dino. Zuma, in turn, was bitten by the poisonous son of Galema.

Movie Adaptations
Starring Max Laurel (Zuma), Snooky Serna (Galema), Mark Gil (Philip), Dang Cecilio (Isabel), Rey PJ Abellana (Morgan), Tony Carreon, Charlie Davao, Bert Olivar, Maria Montes, Mark Joseph, Johnny Vicar, Jun Ancheta, Leo Angelo, Mila Ocampo
Directed by Jun Raquiza
Cine Suerte, Inc., 1985

    Starring Max Laurel (Zuma), Jenny Lyn (Galema), Mark Gil (Philip), Dang Cecilio (Isabel), Rey PJ Abellana (Morgan), Sonny Erang (Dino), Ernie Zarate, Rene Hawkins, Lorraine Schuck
    Directed by Ben S. Yalung
    Cine Suerte, Inc., 1987