Pedro Penduko

Pedro Penduko

Written and Illustrated by Francisco V. Coching
Liwayway, 1954

PEDRO PENDUKO is an adventure komiks novel which tells the story of Pedro Penduko, a man who has no superpowers but who is able to save people and battle evil forces. There are five film and two television adaptations of the komiks.

Pedro is a typical boy without a care in the world. His father has given him a shirt and an amulet which he believes gives him extra power. Pedro is well-liked in his neighborhood since he is always willing to lend a helping hand. One day he is provoked into a fight but ends up saving his opponent from drowning and Don Miguel, the richest man in their village, gives him a horse as a prize for his gallantry. Marina, a beautiful girl from Manila, arrives in their town during the fiesta and captures the attention of the townspeople especially Antonio, one of Pedro’s friends, and Pedro himself. She invites her friends to a party and is amused at Pedro when he wins at a game of “Huega de Anilya.”

Days later, the Tinyente del Barrio warns everyone that the group of bandits led by Tirong is coming. When Tirong arrives, he kidnaps Amparo, Marina’s friend, and mortally wounds Don Julian, Marina’s father. As he is dying, Don Julian reveals to Marina that he was involved with a feud with Tirong a long time ago, which led to the latter’s attack. Pedro challenges Tirong to fight while they are attached to each other with a length of rope. Pedro almost kills Tirong but Amparo asks him to spare Tirong’s life. Antonio wants to shoot Pedro out of jealousy, but Tirong knocks Pedro down, causing Antonio to miss him and end up killing Tirong instead. Marina and Amparo are reunited and the townspeople hail Pedro as their hero.

Movie Adaptations
1. Pedro Penduko
Stars Efren Reyes, Leila Morena, Ramon D’Salva, Vicente Liwanag, Lopito, Edna Luna, Ruben Rustia
Directed by Geraldo de Leon
People’s Pictures/Premiere Productions, 1954

2. Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko
Stars Ramon Zamora, Jeanne Young, Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Panchito Alba, Jingle, Roberto Talabis, Vic Varrion, Mario Escudero, Belo Borja, Subas Herrero, Cris Buddha Cruz, Tony Gonzalves, Dan Zaragoza, Rod Francisco, Dolores Pobre, Johnny Ramirez, Edgar Garcia, Mary Martin, Juanito Rodriguez, Boy Caoile, Teddy Baldomaro, Lorna Locsin, Ronnie Dominguez.
Directed by Celso Ad Castillo
Topaz Film Productions, 1973

3. Bagsik at Kamandag ni Pedro Penduko
Stars Ramon Zamora, Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Panchito Alba, Paquito Diza, Myra Morena, Edna Diaz, Roldan Aquino, Tsing Tong Tsai, Roderick Paulate, Pancho Pelagio, Ven Medina, Bongbong Martin
Directed by Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao
Topaz Film Productions, 1974

4. Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko
Stars Janno Gibbs, Chiquito, Leo Martinez, Robert Miller, Vina Morales, Danita Paner, Donita Rose
Directed by J. Erastheo Navoa
Viva Films, 1994

5. Pedro Penduko, Episode II: The Return of the Comeback
Stars Janno Gibbs, Ramon Zamora, Ace Espinosa, L.J. Moreno, Dino Guevarra, Lee Robin Salazar, Alyssa Gibbs, Goyong, Cholo Escano, Jeffrey Tam, John Arceo, Manny Castaneda, Chris Escario, J.J. Chua, Rudy Fernandez, Christopher de Leon, Cesar Montano, Joyce Jimenez, Ronaldo Valdez, Ogie Alcasid, Dennis Padilla, Michael V
Directed by Erik Matti
Viva Films, 2000

Pedro Penduko (TV)

TV Adaptations
1. Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko
Stars Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Kitkat, Albert Martinez, Gloria Romero, Bembol Roco, Agot Isidro, Olyn Membian, TJ Trinidad, Jake Cuenca
Written by Galo Ador, Jr.
Directed by Jerome Pobocan, Trina Dayrit, Dondon Santos
ABS-CBN Entertainment, 2006

2. Komiks Presents: Pedro Penduko at mga Engkantao
Stars Matt Evans, Oyo Boy Sotto, Maja Salvador, Arron Villaflor, Makisig Morales, Angelica dela Cruz, Denise Laurel, Melissa Ricks, Jake Cuenca, Gloria Romero, Agot Isidro, Michelle Madrigal, Kitkat, Eda Nolan, Aaron Agassi
Written by Galo Ador, Jr.
Directed by Eric Salud, Dondon Santos
ABS-CBN Entertainment, 2007