Pugad Baboy

1998 Pugad Baboy One

PUGAD BABOY is a compilation of comics strip written and illustrated by Filipino cartoonist Pol Medina, Jr.  Medina conceptualized the strip while working under contract in Iraq in 1986. The strip is about a Manila community of mostly obese people – “fat as pigs”. It started appearing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 18, 1988. It currently appears exclusively in the “Inquirer” and its free concise sister tabloid called Inquirer Libre. Its popularity has spawned numerous compilations, a live-action television series, and merchandise such as T-shirts and figurines.

The strip does not only showcase domestic life, occasionally, it features adventure, drama, and pure spoof sequences. More often, the strip mirrors the general sentiment of the Filipino people on relevant topics sucs as corruption in the government as well as Filipino pop culture. In this respect, the strip has been likened to Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury. Sometimes, political satire is woven into some ordinary strips and adventure stories.

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