1986 Hoy!

HOY! is a komiks magasin published by Image Enterprises, Inc. Its maiden issue appeared in May, 1986 shortly after the People Power Revolution that toppled the Marcoses from political power. As such, most of its contents reflected the era of the times: cartoons and caricatures that lambasted the arrogance and the indulgence of the Marcoses. The komiks-magazine proved to be non-partisan, though, as Cory and Doy also got their share of critical caricatures.

Hoy! is patterned after the popular American comic-magazine MAD. It is about the same size and the same number of pages. Unlike Mad, however, Hoy! is only short-lived with only a few issues published. Just like the short-lived Lipang Kalabaw and Telembang komiks-magazines during the Philippine-American period, Hoy! was also the cartoonists’ inspired and albeit hilarious view of the social, political, and cultural events of its times.