Randy Valiente


RANDY VALIENTE is a prolific and established artist and one of the most active advocates for support and recognition for Philippine komiks in the country. He has worked as a game developer, character designer, and graphic artist.

At the age of 14, Randy Valiente started as a comics illustrator in 1988 and became a full-time writer/novelist in 1995. His art and stories have been featured and serialized in Liwayway and in various publications by Precious Pages, Atlas, Kislap, and Sonic Triangle Publications. He won several awards in literature and became “Novelist of the Year” and “Best Playwright”.

Randy conducted several workshops for the last four years. His workshops include dynamic human figure drawing, comics illustration for beginners, and novel writing. Randy is a proud student of Hal Santiago, Philippines’ finest comics illustrator of his time.

He wrote a book entitled “Pambalot ng Tinapa (Isang Pagtanaw sa Komiks ng Pilipino)” (Smoked Fish Wrapper: An in-depth Look at Filipino Comics) published by Goodwill Bookstore. Topics include history of the comics industry, the artists behind the novels including the top caliber writers. The book also tells Randy’s past experiences, the lessons he learned from his mentor, and his fight to preserve the dying filipino comics industry.

Randy was a significant presence in the recently held Komiks Congress, speaking on behalf of contemporary comic artists and consistently pushing for a more integrated agenda with regard to how komiks could once again be a major literary industry in the Philippines, where it has fallen by the wayside due to lack of institutional support by government and mainstream publishing companies (among the reasons).

Published Works