Ron Mendoza


RON MENDOZA is a creative and prolific komiks writer. He started writing for comics in the late 1980s when he was still in College. His first works were published in Espesyal Komiks by Atlas Publications.

Ron’s first published story for Graphic Arts Service, Inc. was entitled “Brain Damage”. It came out in Kilabot Qualikomiks and was illustrated by Nestor Tantiado. It is about a drug addict who’s hallucinating that his house has been targeted for invasion by nasty aliens.

Ron wrote a lot of novels. His first novel was “Jack The Gunner”. It came out in Commander Qualikomiks and was illustrated by Mhel Almeda. The main character here had a holster in his arm. “It was a hilarious idea”. Ron said “Pero nagulat na lang ako nang gumawa ng pelikula si Quentin Tarantino at Robert Rodriguez, ‘yong Grindhouse kung saan ang isa sa main character ay babae na sa hita naman isinasaksak ‘yong baril niya. At least, nauna ako ng maraming taon kina Quentin, ha-ha.” Ron added while laughing. His other published novels included Animal Boy, Nokturno, Birador, Atelito Atleta, Jack The Snake, Star Jockey and Jabbarski.

He also created lots of series but among his favorites are: Shattered, Sa Daigdig Ng Sindak at Lagim and Letters From The Dead. His first series was “Winged” for Super Adventure Comix. Its main character was an angel with black wings. It was illustrated by Bert Gabiano and edited by Mike Tan.

He also contributed articles for music magazines and magazines that catered to women like Hot Hits, Pop World, Solid Gold, Chic Magazine, etc. He also used a pen name (Arnold Layne) in some of the stories and articles he wrote.

Ron was nominated twice as a “Writer of the Year” in GASI.

In 1995, Ron had the chance to attend a TV scriptwriting seminar initiated by Viva Television. R.J. Nuevas organized the workshop wherein Ricky Lee was a guest lecturer. He also attended a one-day seminar conducted by KC Cordero and Ofelia Concepcion when ABS-CBN planned to publish their lines of pocketbooks. However, the plan did not push through.

In 2002, Ron co-founded the Backdoor Publishing together with Galo Ador Jr., Lito J. Tanseco, Ronald Tabuzo, Mars Alvir and Arman T. Francisco. They created their first comics entitled Dark Pages which was released in 2003. However, after its maiden issue, the publication was discontinued.

Ron never ceased writing. He shifted to writing prose romance novel. The Precious Pages Corporation became his home since then until now.

Ron also once worked as a writer for ABS-CBN and was a finalist in a Star Cinema scriptwriting contest.

Published Works