Federico C. Javinal


The first time Federico Javinal applied for work as an illustrator, his work was rejected by Tony Velasquez, then editor of Ace Publications, Inc. Undaunted, he gave his style more polish and went to Bulaklak Komiks, where he was accepted as an illustrator. That was in 1955.

Barely a year later in 1956, his long-time idol — famous artist-novelist Francisco V. Coching — asked him to be his assistant for the artwork of his stories for various komiks and magazines. Javinal was Coching’s artist-partner from then on. Their first partnership was Salabusab, followed by Pedro Penduko, El Vibora and Dimasalang, among many others. Javinal and Coching’s brilliant collaboration ended after 16 years, with the latter’s retirement in 1972.

After his long Coching stint, Javinal illustrated Amado Yasona‘s novels in the Liwayway Magazine. Among them were Anak ng Tulisan, Tom Cat, Kamaong Asero, Antigo and Kahariang Bato. After many years with the Liwayway Magazine, as a freelance artist, Javinal transferred to the Graphic Arts Service, Inc. where he illustrated Alakdang Bato, a novel which was later made into movie. Javinal continued as a freelance artist, illustrating a couple of novels for various magazines. Tony Velasquez, the very same artist who turned him away at the start of his career, finally got him to illustrate his Mga Kuwento ni Kenkoy for Love Story Illustrated Magazine.

The Citizen’s Council for Mass Media (CCMM) conferred on Javinal a special award in 1971 for his artwork of Coching’s Dimasalang. [1]

Published Works