Greg Igna de Dios


GREG IGNA DE DIOS started writing in prose, having his first works published while he was still in high school. Later, his stories appeared on the pages of Liwayway, Bulaklak and other vernacular magazines.

His first short story for the komiks, Bakya ni Nonoy, was published in the Tagalog Klasiks in 1955. A cover story, it was dramatized over then radio station DZPI. In 1959, Greg’s first komiks novel, Sa Mata ng Diyos, was serialized in Kenkoy Komiks. The movie rights to the said novel was bought by LVN Studios and was filmed under the title Maria Dolores. His story Dalisay Lerpido, based on his very first teacher’s devotion to her profession, won the “Kuwentong Ginto ng Taon” award of the Ace Publications, Inc. in 1962.

De Dios’ works dwell mostly on down-to-earth themes with emphasis on moral values. It was for this reason that he won the “Gantimpalaang Karangalan” award for six consecutive years (1965-1970). This award is given by Graphic Arts Service, Inc. (GASI) to its writers based on a year-out poll among the readers of all their komiks and magazines.

Golden Memories, a series based on letters sent by readers, gave de Dios the First KOMOPEB Parangal sa Komiks award for Best Regular Feature in 1984. He was also a nominee for the Best Writer of the Decade award (1973-1983).

A journalism graduate, de Dios also writes poems, plays and essays. [1]

Published Works