Vincent Benjamin Kua, Jr.


VINCENT BENJAMIN KUA, JR. took Fine Arts at the Far Eastern University and has some background in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  He genuinely likes to interact and communicate with people and considers his visual storytelling as a way of sharing his thoughts and ideas with others.

He wrote and drew his first komiks nobela sometime in the late 1970s entitled “Ad Infinitum: The Coldest Ice Cream” which talks about life and death, inspired by the sudden and unexpected death of his father at the age of 52.  Vincent’s favorite work however, is his second komiks nobela entitled “Cecilia’s Lullaby” which is set in the 1930s in a distant and conservative barrio where responsible parenthood is taught by a woman of grey repute.  Some of the other serialized komiks nobelas written and drawn by Vincent are: Rena Shiera, Lucifer Arkanghel, Dalawang Mansanas ni Adan, Ahas sa Paraiso and Halik sa Apoy.  Some of the horror, romance, mystery, and human interest stories written and drawn by Vincent are: To You From Me Vincent Kua, Gallery of Terror, Best Love Stories, Nightmare Theatre, and 3 Minutes of Horror.

Significantly, Vincent has ventured beyond the storytelling aspect of sequential art and is exploring its potential as a communicative medium by doing various “info-komiks” for governmental and non-governmental cause-oriented groups, informing the public about their respective programs for action, views on certain issues, and other matters of social concern.

Vincent Kua’s most famous komiks strip was Pokwang: Ang Maarteng Anak ni Aling Kikay.  The author’s hilarious byline was: Nagkakamot ng bukong-bukong na magdamag na binurire ni Vincent Kua, Jr.

In the 1980s and well into the 1990s, Vincent proved to be one of the Philippines most popular writers/illustrators.  He was a master of genres, particularly, period horror and historical romance.  His drawing style was best loved by komiks readers because the characters he created were Venuses and Adonises: beautiful, handsome, cute, but not stone figures.  They seemed to become movie stars in komiks, and people loved to see them grace the pages of their beloved komiks.

Yet people will always remember Vincent for his Pokwang strip, arguably the most popular cartoon strip of the 1980s.  Its star, of course, is Pokwang, the diminutive smart-aleck girl whose wit and humor endeared her to komiks fans.  Vincent admitted that one of his influences in the Pokwang strip was Tony VelasquezKenkoy, and indeed, Vincent took the four-mirrored windows on Pokwang’s hair from that of Kenkoy.

Vincent Kua, Jr. passed away in October, 2005.

Published Works