Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine


SUPERSTAR NORA AUNOR MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE is the first movie entertainment komiks magazine published by Affiliated Publications Inc. Its maiden issue appeared on October 26, 1970 with Antonio S. Tenorio as Editor. Its title was named after the most popular motion picture star of that decade – Ms. Nora Aunor. The first issue was an instant hit, as the publishers predicted, for Ms. Aunor was then was the unrivalled darling of the masses.

When Martial rule was imposed in 1972, the military censors then frowned on personality cults, thus its title was changed to “SUPERSTAR ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE”. The change, however, did not adversely affect its circulation. In 1990s, it was reformatted again. At this time, photos of the moviestars which were regularly featured on its covers were totally removed. Its title was simply changed to “SUPERSTAR KOMIKS”. In the late 1990s, its publication was continued by Sonic Triangle Publishing, Inc. upon the dissolution of Affiliated Publications.

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