Affiliated Publications, Inc.


AFFILIATED PUBLICATIONS, INC. stands unique as being the first to name its komiks-magazines after motion picture luminaries. When API was organized in September of 1970 by Antonio S. Tenorio, its staff envisioned their komiks-magazines to cater particularly to movie fans (a good number of which are also komiks-magazine readers).

The initial publication of Affiliated, therefore, was named after the most popular motion picture star of that decade – Miss Nora Aunor. The Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine‘s maiden issue appeared in October of 1970. It was an instant hit, as the publishers predicted, for Ms. Aunor was then the unrivalled darling of the masses.

The male motion picture star who was then very popular – and identified with Ms. Aunor – was Tirso Cruz III. It was quite logical and expected that Affiliated named their second publication after him – Topstar Pip Movie Entertainment Magazine, Pip being Tirso’s pet name. API’s second komiks-magazine came out a month after the Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine. It, too, was an instant hit.

The third komiks-magazine, titled Super-Duper Movie Entertainment Magazine, did not fare as well, however. It had to fold up after some time. Affiliated’s fourth publication, the Pilipino Reporter Magasin, evolved from a tabloid-sized vernacular magazine of the same title. Inspite of its title, Pilipino Reporter as a komiks-magazine became a viable project under Affiliated.

When Martial rule was imposed in 1972, Affiliated has to change the title of Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine to Superstar Entertainment Magazine, and Topstar Pip Movie Entertainment Magazine to Topstar Entertainment Magazine – the military censors then frowned on personality cults. The change in the titles of the magazines, however, did not adversely affect their circulations.

In 1973, Affiliated bought from the PSG Publishing House the rights to United Komiks and Universal Komiks. The purchase gave API a total of five titles which it continued to publish under the management of the Graphic Arts Service, Inc.

List of Titles