Planet Komiks

PLANET KOMIKS is the last komiks magasin published by PSG Publishing House. Released in 1968, it featured fantasy and science-fiction stories and serials. It was a highly artistic komiks-magazine, with some of the big names in komiks art contributing, such as Alex Nino, Alfredo Alcala and Nestor Redondo.

List of Serials

  • Always in my Heart (1971) w: Rico Bello Omagap, a: Freddie Fernandez
  • Ang Kampanerang Kuba (1971) w: Pablo S. Gomez, a: Alex Nino
  • Buntala (1968-1969) w: a: Hal Santiago
  • Dedicated to You (1971) w: Daddie S. Gomez, a: Piping Calusa
  • Draka (1970-1971) w: a: Ruben N. Yandoc
  • Kondesa Alva (1970-1971) w: Pablo S. Gomez, a: Al Cabral
  • La Bamba (1972) w: Rene Rosales, a: Alex Nino
  • Limot na Paraiso (1969-1970) w: Armando Ruiz David, a: Alex Nino
  • Mr. Destiny (1969-1971) w: A.S. Tenorio, a: Ruding Mesina
  • Planet Man (1968-1969) w: Pablo S. Gomez, a: Rico Rival/Noly Panaligan